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It's now the beginning of 'Always'
you're becoming man and wife
and happily looking forward
to sharing married life.
'Always' has a meaning
that you've never known before.
May all your days be filled with love
and every tomorrow add more.

Wishing you Both
every Happiness
On Your
Wedding Day


A marriage is two special friends
Who blend their lives as one
Who pledge to love with all their hearts
Until their lives are done.
A marriage is a friend for life
A lover’s sweet embrace
A faithful partner one can trust
And dreams to share and chase
A marriage is a feeling of warmth
When cold winds blow at night.
It’s comfort in the midst of trials
And hope at morning light.

Congratulations on your
Wedding Day


Good luck! Congratulations!Best wishes! Cheers! Well done!
The futures full of promise and its only just begun.
You're starting on a journey,
a new, exciting life together,
as a partnership as husband and as wife
adventures, thrills and choices
Are waiting just for you
The road will have some turnings
And perhaps a bump or two.
But you'll be strong together
You'll come through every test
Your love will deepen week by week
Be happy!
All the best!


Your Wedding

Masses of flowers and miles of lace.
Confetti and rice for your first embrace.
A band of gold and some photographs.
Best wishes and kisses and raucous laughs.
Sparkling glasses and wedding cake.
Smiling so long that your faces ache.
A mother awash with her handkerchief.
The speeches all done, such a sweet relief!
These are the things that you’ll always recall.
The wonderful people, the fun of it all.
Enjoy every moment as man and wife.
Have a marvelous wedding and wonderful life.



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