Poems for Cousins

Welcome to Poems for Cousins which brings you free printable cute, funny poems, verses directed at your cousin which could be used for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, to say I Love You or for any time or purpose

You are a cousin
That truly shines
Bright as a star
In the darkest of times

Knowing you're my cuz
Makes me so proud
You would stand out
In any crowd

You my dear cousin
I truly love
You're as bright as the stars
That shine above

Luvs ya Cuz.


Cousin, you're the best in town
Nay the County, indeed, the Nation
Here's wishing a happy(whatever occasion)
To my favorite relation


Here's a link to another page on this site which has cousin poems, specifically for Christmas but could be used for any occasion

Poems for Cousins at Christmas