Goodbye Poems

This Goodbye Poems page brings you rhyming goodbye verses, quotes, lyrics to say a funny or sad or short goodbye or good luck wishes to friends, friendship. Also funny or sad or fond farewell poems, verses, quotes for friends, good bye poems and bye bye poems, so long poems, adieu poems, tara poems, leaving poems, farewell jokes, farewell words to say good bye for farewell poetry, farewell speech, farewell cards and scrapbooking

All of us will miss you
And we would like to say
We hope this card brings you good luck
Each and every day

Best Wishes


A new adventure starting,
filled with sun, sea and sand,
I’d like to wish you luck,
as your horizons now expand,
Its time to say Bon Voyage,
Although I’d really rather say,
hope we'll meet again sometime
as we travel along lifes way.


Sorry you are leaving,
we're sad to see you go,
when you feel homesick,
we're always here you know
don't forget to keep in touch,
by post, letter or phone,
But of course we'd love to see you,
There's no place like home!


Good–bye is not an ending
When you know that people care,
For miles may come between you,
But warm thoughts are always there...

Good–bye is not an ending
But a different start for you,
A time for making brand–new friends
And seeing dreams come true...

Good–bye is not an ending,
For you’ll find along life’s way
Within your heart you’ll always have
A part of yesterday.


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