Baby Poems

Baby poems is what you came here looking for and boy! (or girl or twins) we've got some you're sure to adore. The parents are in for some hectic yet happy times and how good are we, why even our intro rhymes. So all you parents, grandparents and others filled with expectation, here's our verses and ditties for your delectation

Baby Verse #1

A baby is a gift given from above
A life for you to care for, to nurture and to love


Poetry Verse #2

Cuddly as a cloud,
Gentle as the night,
Your new baby fills your lives
With sweetest delight!


Boy Rhyme #3

Your families rejoice
A new life's begun
Your family is richer
With the birth of a Son


Boy Poem #4

A brand new baby
Means all kinds of joy
But, it includes mischief and fun
When along comes a boy


Baby Girl Poem #5

From the top of her head
To the ends of her feet,
Your sweet newborn girl
Has made your lives complete


Poetry verse 6

Our baby girl has finally arrived,
She’s adorable and oh, so sweet
fFom the tiptop of her beautiful head
To the bottom of her tiny feet.


Baby Poem 7

Whose eyes sparkle like the stars?
Whose smile outshines the sun?
Whose skin is soft as moon-glow?
Your's, precious little one!


Baby poetry verse #8

I cannot tell you, darling,
How proud I am today
For the love I have for both of you
Is more than words can say.


Baby poetry verse #9

When we met at (Christmas) time
I never dreamt that you'd be mine.
My love for you has grown each day
And with these words I have to say
How happy and proud you've made me,
On the wonderful birth of our baby.


Baby ditty #10

May your lovely little daughter (son) (grandaughter/son)
So very sweet and new
Bring a lifetime full of pleasure
And happiness to you


Baby verse #11

I held you so tightly in my arms
Traced your fingers that were gently curled
Through tears of joy, I whispered quietly
My beautiful grandchild, welcome to the world.

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