Across Miles Poems Verses

for Christmas

Welcome to Across Miles Poems Verses for Christmas. These come free to use and are suitable for friends and family who are overseas or have moved away where the sentiments are both 'Christmas' and 'missing you'

Overseas/Moved Away Poems Verses for Christmas

Although we won't be seeing you
at Christmastime this year,
Warm, loving thoughts will make the miles
Between us disappear.
Merry Christmas


My (Our) friendship with you is special
And I (We) hope it never ends
Even though you'll be miles and miles away
Let's stay the best of friends

Have a really lovely Christmas
And all the best for the coming year

Can't be together -
Wish we could,
To hug you now
Would feel so good!

Have a really lovely Christmas
and please give yourself a hug


Blowing you a kiss from across the miles
Have a really lovely Christmas.

Tucked inside this card is love from afar!


Between us there are many miles
But, separately, we can share our smiles
Although not physically there, it’s true
My heart has travelled to be with you
May all that’s good come your way
Enjoy your very special day

Merry Christmas, from afar

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