30th, 50th, 40th Birthday Poems

Welcome to our free online printable 30th 50th 40th Birthday poems verses quotes comprising 30th birthday poems, 40th birthday verses, 50th birthday poems. This page brings you the best short funny and inspirational poetry wishes, messages, greetings, sayings, party ideas for cards, speeches or posters. As these birthdays are special milestones and represent the passing of a 'getting old' threshold the verses are often longer, more personalised and may even take the form of a speech or framed sentiment

30th Birthday Poems

Welcome to the big 0 birthdays
You've reached the big Three-0
The 'getting old'jokes start right here
But not from me, oh no

Take your time with this decade
Please take it very slow
For I'll arrive at the Seven one
Before you reach the big Four-0

60th birthday poems

On your 60th, here's nostalgia
A memory from the past
When (Coal Mines) (Woolen Mills) were aplenty
And jobs were made to last
But also in this card
Is lots of wishes too
For a very happy birthday
From both of us to you

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